Using Strategy to Change Your Business Model

Browsing the EBSCO-HOST database of scholarly business journals I discovered a quite interesting paper on strategy and business models by George S. Yip in the Business Strategy Review (2004, Vol.15 Nr.2). He discusses how the Internet boom and bust has introduced a new term, the “business model”, that he believes may become a valuable complement to current concepts in strategic thinking. He ends the paper with the statement that "The distinction between “business model” and “strategy” is more than one of semantics". According to Yip "they are two different concepts". Yet, it remains to be seen how the academic community, particularly in the field of strategy research, will react to the introduction of such a new concept in their field. Until now, Gary Hamel with his book "Leading the Revolution" (2002) has in my opinion made one of the most interesting contributions from the field of business strategy thinkers.