Tecnovate: offshoring upside down

Now this is what I call an innovative business model: Tecnovate offers multilingual business process outsourcing (e.g. callcenter services) to Europe from its base in India by importing European labour to the land of Ghandi! Yes, you have heard right - this is offshoring upside down!

Tecnovate's value proposition is all about offering the market business process outsourcing (BPO) in a wide range of European languages as opposed to the offers of most Indian outsourcing companies that focus on English for the US and UK market. The company masters the language capacities by drawing on a young European workforce that is willing to spend a year in India for a local salary. In return the young people get a year in what was once the mekka of hippie's. Tecnovate recrute their employees in Europe, arrange for their documents, fly them to India, acommodate them in guesthouses, place them on their payroll and put them to work to serve their domestic market.

It's simply amazing, isn't it? There are so many young Europeans that dream of spending a short time working abroad in an exciting and exotic environment. The potential was just right there to be picked up... Tecnovate was clever enough to combine a market need (cheap multilingual callcenter services) with the needs of some young Europeans on the job market (adventure and discovery). It seems to work...

Let's see when somebody is going to offer me some business model design consulting from a house at the beach in Bali? Now that's the kind of offshoring I'm looking for!