Participate in writing a wiki-book on business model design and business model innovation

Come and participate in writing a collaborative wiki-based book on "Business Model Design and Business Model Innovation". All you have to do is sign up for a free wiki account here and you can join editing the book. You will be writing for one of the first large-scale collaborative business management books in the history of management literature. Few if not none of the business authors and management gurus have dared to hand over their pen in order to tap into collaborative intelligence and global experience... Let's try together!

I have been thinking of doing it for a long time and now I have finally launched the process together with Yves Pigneur, Professor at the HEC Business School in Lausanne, Switzerland. We believe the topic of business model design & innovation is timelier than ever. A recent IBM survey of over 765 CEOs shows: Business Model Innovation is on the top of their list. Thus, with the wiki-book we aim at helping today’s business leaders succeed in their quest for business model innovation by collaboratively building a reference manual with simple and easy to use visual tools.

We call on design and business practitioners, academics and consultants to jointly work towards the following goals of our wiki:

Improve the toolset for (business model) innovation... borrowing methods from the design approach,... using the business model as the unit of analysis...
...and by keeping it simple, practical and useful

We already set up a book structure and will populate the sections bit by bit. Hopefully, others will join and contribute their experience and thoughts to show what works. The book is structured as follows:

  • Basic Premises for a Wiki-Based Business Book
  • Defining Business Models
  • The Quest for Business Model Innovation
  • The Design Approach for Business Model Innovation
  • Case Studies
  • Conclusion

I know it will be a challenge to get people to write. However, some have already agreed to participate, despite their scarce availability, such as Jan Ondrus, Martin Koser, Ziv Baida and Suhit Anantula. I'm curious to see what happens and hope more people will join this adventure...