Serviguration: Software Aided Service Design

I just came back from a friend's Ph.D. defense in Amsterdam. For the last few years Ziv Baida has worked on software-aided (business) service bundling and it was great to see him receive his doctoral honors.

Ziv's work is interesting for this blog for several reasons beyond the fact that his dissertation is of good quality:

  • Ziv's work is on a very relevant business design topic: service bundling. He coined the term serviguration to name this type of service bundling by means of configuration;
  • His work comes out of a computer science lab and effectively bridges *the worlds* of business science and computer science! This multidisciplinary approach opens up new paths to innovation.
  • Ziv produced a computer artefact that assists the business developer in designing/bundling services. This resulting tool is a good example of the Computer Aided Business Design that I have been talking about in an earlier blog.