Happiness, Acer, WiFi, UMTS & blogging

I've been absent from blogging for one month now. The blogpost I wrote last Saturday on IKEA's business model was lost in cyberspace...

Anyways, today I bought a new laptop that will let me catch up on blogging again. Why? Because I bought an Acer Aspire 5652WLMi that has an integrated UMTS card and which I purchased together with a data subscription of Swisscom, one of the three Swiss mobile telco operators. This allows me to be online while I commute, while I drink my coffee at the lake or while I take the boat... It's simply amazing! Luckily, my wife enforces a laptop ban from time to time ;-)

My new laptop always switches to the fastest connection in reach, be this a WiFi or the UMTS network. Of course I'll miss my ultra portable Dell, which was only 1.2kg... But since that Computer is coming to the end of its days after 3 years of travel around the world (including Africa & SE Asia!), I'm happy to discover my weightier 2.8kg always connected Acer.

Hope I can entertain you again with more business design thoughts in the future!