Arvetica and New Business Models for Strategy Consulting

I've been silent on my blog for the simple reason that I've been focusing on my most recent step in my professional life (and I am still trying to maintain something like a work/life balance ;-)

In fact, a month ago I joined Stefano Mastrogiacomo at his company Arvetica and I will contribute to its development. Arvetica is a consulting boutique that builds on a creative & design approach to strategy, while heavily drawing on existing knowledge (body of methods, processes & concepts), co-creating strategy with clients, fostering innovation, contributing to new knowledge creation and building tailor-made training.

Currently we're in the process of developing our strategy, offer and action plan for the coming 3 years. During this process I came across a paper that describes the emergence of new business models in the strategy consulting arena: "Disaggregation of the Value Chain: Emergence of New Business Models in Strategy Consulting"

The paper observes 4 major drivers of change in this area:

  • democratization regarding access to information & data (Web, etc.)
  • narrowing skill gap between strategy consultants and their clients
  • clients are becoming more demanding
  • increasing competition in the strategy consulting arena

Then it outlines an industry value chain disaggregation into four generic components:

  • knowledge building
  • project setup
  • strategy development
  • strategy implementation

Finally, the paper concludes with "four promising business models":

  1. traditional integrated strategy consultancies, such as Bain, Boston Consulting Group, Roland Berger or McKinsey
  2. large strategy implementors, such as Accenture Braxton or Bearing Point
  3. knowledge builders such as newcomers Pipal or Evalueserve
  4. networkers, such as incumbent Cardea and a-connect that bring in a completely new business model: these companies focus on specific roles like setting-up projects, project coordination, consultant selection, while outsourcing all the actual strategy consulting work to other companies

What is funny about the paper is that arvetica can't be categorized among any of the groups because we seem to function differently. I will write more about our strategy and business model in a future post.

In the meantime, if you want to visit arvetica in Geneva or find out more about our work don't hesitate to send me an email... It would be a pleasure to me to show you our 220 square meters of collaborative creative space (brainstorming rooms, "living room", strategy library, etc.)

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