Emerging Tools for Real-Time Business Model Design and Exploration II

If you are reading this blogpost the probability is relatively high that at one point or another you have been drawing boxes and arrows on a whiteboard to sketch out a business design - either regarding business processes, business model, strategy or product/service design. This means that you are certainly familiar with the beauty, but also the limitation of the whiteboard.

If you have the time to check out the video below you'll see that whiteboard drawings are dramatically improving. In the video the whiteboard incorporates built-in simulation capacities - in the example case for physics. However, with a little imagination I can perfectly see how this could be applied to the business field. Drawings of boxes and arrows could have built-in simulations in the domains of workflow and process design, but maybe even business model and strategy design.

To me it looks like the video example outlines how the foundations for tools for real-time business model design and manipulation are being laid (I wrote more about the topic of real-time BM design here and here).

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