Business Model Template - designing your competitve edge

Update: Business Model Innovation Book. We are currently writing a groundbreaking book on business model innovation (publication: June 2009). You can get special privileges and participate in the innovative business model of our book project on our book chunk platform

Today I read a blogpost by Steve Portigal on design and business and discovered a great new tool to upload, store and share powerpoint presentations on the web.

I immediately used it to share a deck of slides I designed to outline the business model concept. The slides briefly outline my understanding of what a business model actually is and how the concept can be used as a business model design template to quickly design and describe the business logic of a company. The template can also be applied together with the business model innovation cycle which I described in an earlier post.

The slides come under a creative commons license and I actively encourage their re-use - as long as the author (alex osterwalder) is mentioned and the license is respected. I'm also interested in your feedback if you've applied the template or plan to apply it (email me at my new company: osterwalder(-at-)