CellBazaar's Business Model - interview with Kamal Quadir

This weekend, during an Evian Group meeting at the IMD business school, I seized the opportunity to do a short video interview with Kamal Quadir. Kamal is founder of CellBazaar and one of the most interesting entrepreneurs I know. The start-up he created at MIT Media Lab provides an electronic marketplace that can be accessed by mobile phone and Bangladesh is the first market they're tackling.

Listen to the videocast about CellBazaar's business model and learn from Kamal how to succeed in doing business in a developing country / emerging market:

The three things I would like to highlight from the chat Kamal and I had this weekend are:

  1. if your business model is innovative enough there are lucrative business opportunities in developing countries.
  2. if you are perseverant and disruptive you can succeed in an honest way without paying bribes and withoug having to rely on personal connections.
  3. successful business initiatives like CellBazaar bring increased efficiency and thus "development" to developing countries. This is much more powerful than the charitable (giving) aid approach, which I have stopped to believe in.

Kamal, I wish you good luck with your undertakings because your work is really relevant!

By the way, Kamal and I are both members of the Open World Initiative (OWI), which is part of the Evian Group and which you might want to check out if you're interested in the fate of the global community and you believe in a liberal society governed by a multilateral rule-based system.

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