LIFT 07 Conference - a t(h)inker's must ;-)


Today Laurent Haug of Ballpark and organizer of LIFT passed by at our offices. He stopped at arvetica to give us some advice on our web/blog sketches, since he is a "Vordenker" of the whole Web2.0 movement around Geneva and the rest of Western Switzerland.

I really recommend you subscribe to the LIFT 07 conference next February if you happen to be around Geneva or can come (I subscribed today...). The conference is all about the challenges and opportunities of technology in our society and the speakers come from extremely rich and fascinating backgrounds. Have a look at the current program, which features Stephanie Hannon (Google), Robert Scoble (blog/technology evangelist), Paola Ghillani (fair trade) and and and (too many to mention).

The conference will be participatory and on one of the days anybody can actually organize a session. It will work like this:

  1. anybody can propose a talk
  2. a digg-like interface will be created where LIFTers can dig the speeches they like the most
  3. the top speeches will be scheduled

Last but not least: Don't forget it's winter/skiing season - the reason why the weekend session of LIFT is taking place in the mountains...

AND... I would love to offer anybody who wants a coffee at our arvetica offices in downtown Geneva, Switzerland :-)

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