Ticketcorner Case Study (A)

Last Thursday I used the case study I recently designed together with Prof Yves Pigneur in a class at the University of Zurich, Switzerland. It was a premiere. The case is about Ticketcorner, the leading Swiss ticketing organization which is expanding on the European market and is already figuring in the top 3.

It was great fun to teach, the case seemed to work out and the students did very well. Unfortunately the multimedia material consisting of several interviews with the exec team and some pictures of the Ticketcorner wasn't yet entirely ready.

The case works very nicely to illustrate the business model concept. You can download the Ticketcorner case study as well as the slides that I used in class.

I started with a class discussion on the main issues, which I ended with an interview with Philipp Gihr, COO of Ticketcorner. Then I got the students to do a role play where one person was the CEO and the other one a CNBC interviewer. After that I showed the interview I did with George Egloff, Ticketcorner's CEO. In a next step students moved into a break-out sesssion where they sketched different chunks of Ticketcorner's business model on a big sheet of paper, which they subsequently presented to the whole class. At the end they were supposed to reflect on business model innovation - but since it was already overtime I let them do that at home...

Of course you can use the case study for your own purpose as long as you respect the creative commons license and reference the authors for their contribution.

(The case was prepared with the funding of the Swiss Virtual Campus (CasIS project) and is published under a creative commons attribution 2.5 license)

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