Help me Build this Blog!

I'm now at over 100 blogposts, which means that many hours went into this blog about business model design and innovation. While I started this blog more as an experiment and as a thinking & knowledge base for myself more and more readers and visitors joined the journey.

Now I even feel the pressure of writing something useful for "my public". However, since I have to earn a living (and want to spend time with my family: 2 kids!) I allow myself a maximum of 1-3 hours per post - even if it is at the expense of quality.

To get things more focused and offer you real value I would be interested in your feedback about this blog. I already receive a lot of emails regarding the business model concept and some compliments for the blog, but I still get very little feedback helping me improve my blog.

Let me ask you some questions:

  • Which parts of my blog do you most enjoy or hate?
  • Are the templates I make available useful?
  • Do you like the webcasts?
  • Do you enjoy the less conceptual postings - e.g. news style?
  • What would you want to see more on my blog?
  • Can you apply the things I write about in your daily work?
  • Did you ever use the search function on my blog?
  • Anything else on your mind (related to this blog ;-)

Please take a short break to respond to some of the above questions. It would help me improve this blog and increase the value of the time I spend writing (-> Return on Time Investment - RoTI)

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