Some of the Brightest Bloggers I Know and Follow in the Blogosphere

I've scaled down on reading blogs recently, but I still follow some blogs and people in the blogosphere... Here a selection of the ones I like most:

  • Laurent Haug: Laurent is a frequent guest at arvetica (the consulting boutique I work for). He's the founder of the top-notch social technology conference LIFT and the best connected man in Suisse Romande. A great source on new web tools - speak Web n.0.
  • Nicolas Nova: Nicolas just passed by at our offices today to chat and to work on the final touces of his PhD dissertation. He's the best input you can imagine on the value of the latest technologies - particularly in the field of group collaboration. Nicolas is also part of the founding team of LIFT.
  • Irving Wladawsky-Berger: Vice President, Technical Strategy and Innovation at IBM Corporation. Though he probably doesn't know me, I know his blog ;-) It's a great source to understand where IBM is heading - interesting material. I'd love to have a chat with him.
  • Pascal Rossini: Pascal is one of the top Web (2.0) entrepreneurs of Switzerland and I had the great pleasure to do some consulting work for him. His newest coup is ADS-click, Sky-click and Skippi. Follow his ventures.
  • Ralf Beuker: Ralf is at the forefront of design management. When we met last December we had some great discussions on design thinking. A true source of inspiration.
  • John Hagel: John is a well known management guru. I don't know him personally, but I felt honored that he referenced one of my blogposts last year. His blogposts highlight his out-of-the-box strategic thinking. I hope he stops by in Geneva some time...

It's quite funny that I tried to convince a number of other friends to start blogging last year ('06)... Actually the motivation was a bit egoistic: It's the most convenient way for me to follow their latest innovative thinking. Some have actually followed my advice, like Gerry Schnyder who is currently in London working on his PhD about comparative corporate governance.

At arvetica we also set-up a new blog (which is actually our company website!!) and I'll be writing there more and more in the future...

(disclosure: I don't know the real source of the above image which represents the blogosphere... Sorry if it's breach to anyone's Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs))

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