Blogging Time-Out

As for most bloggers, there is a time when you have to take a time-out. This moment has come for me. After an intense period of merger talks of Arvetica with an American company, we have finally opted for independence (something I will write a blogpost about one day)... As a consequence I will allocate most of my time in the near future on building some specific Arvetica competencies and assets.

In this context of autonomy Arvetica is strengthening its efforts in the private banking / wealth management domain. This is one of the reasons why I am taking a time out from this blog: During the next few weeks I will build up a new blog called "private banking innovation", which shall become the reference in the industry.

I hope I won't lose any readers on "Business Model Design and Innovation", while I am focusing on other projects in the short term. One thing is sure: I'll be back soon! There will probably be some cross-postings in the meantime...

Warm regards from Geneva,

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