Course (in German) on Modeling Business Models - Day 4 of 4 half-days

Here day Nr.4 (last day) of a course I was teaching at a Masters class on "Modeling Business Models" at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts (Hochschule Luzern).

At the end of the class lecture the students presented their group projects. I had asked each group to model the business model of a start-up business they should come up with. I told them that part of their grades would come from the way they presented the story of their start-up. The groups did a fantastic job in their presentations and really integrated the story telling factor. It was a quite a fun experience for all in the classroom.

Apologies a last time for those who don't read German. We're back to English from the next postings onwards ;-)

Here the slides of the last lecture:

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