Are we all Creatives?

If you want to be successful at innovation in companies today you have to involve everybody!

That is one of the strongest quotes that I take away from Sir Ken Robinson's keynote that I attended in Toronto today. Michael Dila of Torch Partnership invited me to this event and I'm glad I accepted.

Sir Ken is an authority in the field of creativity and innovation. In his talks he shows how we are taught to become uncreative throughout our educational systems. We have practically lost our ability to be creative by the time we arrive as so-called "knowledge workers" in companies ... In essence, this means that we don't have a creativity crisis in companies, but a structural crisis. Our educational system and our companies lack the structures it takes to make creativity flourish throughout our organizations.

"saying that not all people can be creative is like saying that not all people can be literate"

I could not agree more. That is also one of the reasons I think we have such difficulties to achieve business model innovation. We believe only the "creatives" can come up with new and maybe disruptive ideas. However, inventing innovative business models requires co-creation and diverse teams from all hierarchical levels, divisions, age and gender groups. Everybody's creativity within an organization should contribute to strengthening and renewing the business model!

Taste a sample of Sir Ken's amazing ability to entertain while addressing a highly important issue:

Sorry if this post does not seem fully cooked and ready to serve. I have several hours of travel behind me, but absolutely wanted to write about this inspiring event I attended...