The Business Model Innovation Platform

This blogpost is a question to you: would you like to see a business model innovation platform emerge for a community of practitioners around the topic? A place to share experience, tools, examples and insights...

Context: I'm just done with a series of 3 workshops in a row at Toronto's Rotman school, the MaRS "incubator" and an event in New York. It was GREAT! The topic is hot, people are hungry to innovate business models and my business model canvas is spreading. Multiple groups and companies are applying the canvas in their own setting and extending its use (e.g. IBM is experimenting with software-supported business model design). One person in Toronto has even told me that the canvas has opened up a whole new career for him. Yet, there is no one place to go to share experience around the topic...

This all led me back to an idea I had a while ago: the creation of a Business Model Innovation Platform. It would be a place where people could share their ideas around the topic, share their experience with business model innovation and show how they applied the business model canvas. A vibrant community of practitioners where all the necessary tools are available for download (some would have to be paid, though). Tools could be templates, training videos, industry specific business model reports, etc. The MySpace of business model innovation...

A couple of questions to you:

  • Are you interested? Is this a worthwhile idea?
  • What functionalists would you want from such a platform for a community of business model innovation practitioners?
  • What business model innovation tools would be useful?
  • What name do you recommend for this platform

Another series of questions to the "techies" on my blog:

  • Are there open source platforms out there that could be easily used for such a platform (non-branded, so the platform could have its own brand...)?
  • Where can I get my platform developed through crowd-sourcing?
  • Where can I get a good and cheap design crowd-sourced?

I'm hopeful you can spare a moment to share on this topic because such a platfrom could have a nice impact on how we do business. We could create more value through new business models, we could have more fun doing strategy and business models through design thinking and we could find new and innovative ways to make money...

By the way, there is one particular reason why I am so supercharged: 4 years ago I used to sit at the Wawee Coffee Shop in Chiang Mai, Thailand. That is where I relaunched my blog on business model innovation. Since then I have never looked back. Many people know my blog and use my canvas. I am now invited for keynotes and workshops around the world.

4 years later I am sitting in a coffee shop in Brooklyn, New York, surrounded by entrepreneurs and students working on their Mac. I feel like this is the next stage for my work after those days in Chiang Mai. It's the launch of another stage: Together with Professor Yves Pigneur we want to lauch a new type of business book in 2009 on business model innovation. In addition to that I would love to connect the business model innovation community on a platform. There is just so much exciting innovation around business models going on at the moment... We need to bring that experience together!