Thank You!

I don’t have a book, let alone a bestseller, and I am not faculty at a prestigious business school. Still, my approach to business model innovation is spreading around the world. People are interested in my thinking and I am getting more and more invitations to deliver keynotes and workshops globally.

This is only thanks to YOU, my audience, fellow business model thinkers, friends and people who have hired me. You are the ones spreading the word about my work, applying it and convincing others to join the thinking. Without you I could not undertake this journey to bring business model innovation management to another level. Thank you!

Thank you to those of you who have taken - and continue to take - the risk of hiring a “no-name" business speaker, simply based on the value you find in my work and my visibility on the web. Through your fees I can continue to advance business model innovation thinking.

Thank you to those of you who apply my work and customize it to your own particular needs and promote it in your organizations. You help improve and complete the inroads I tried to make in business model innovation.

Thank you to those of you who have helped me fill-up my workshops through your valuable business networks and your enthusiasm regarding business model innovation. Without you the seats would remain empty.

Thank you to those of you who read and comment on my blog and give me moral support. I need it to continue my journey towards the business model innovation book and ultimately a platform of like-minded peers who want to advance together and share their experience on business model innovation.

This journey is not easy, intellectually, stamina-wise and financially (despite my relatively high speaking/workshop fees). I only continue because of those of you out there who “read me”, support me, challenge me and hire me. For me these are valuable indicators that show that we are onto something big. Together. As a community. I have the feeling we can create something big around this kernel of a business model innovation approach that I try to promote. I can’t do it alone. I need you on this journey. Only if all of you help, can we make this a killer-approach that spreads globally.

Of course I have a self-interest in this success. But ultimately I am pursuing this because I am passionate about what we can bring to the world. If I were not, I would be working in a private bank in Switzerland and probably earning a comfortable and secure paycheck. But most important, I am stimulated by the growing community of users around the business model innovation approach that I launched.

Thank you for allowing me to continue developing the business model innovation approach. I see it a bit like open source software development. Together with Professor Yves Pigneur I launched a kernel and now hundreds of people are contributing to improving the business model innovation approach and thousands of people are using it...

Let us work together to make this something big! I believe together we can!