Business Model Knowledge Fair & Book Launch

No, the book is not finished yet, but we launched a 200-print unfinished limited edition for the Business Model Knowledge Fair in Amsterdam last Friday. The limited edition, which was messed up by the print-house (page order wrong), is now truly a collector's item and can be purchased for $250.-

The "real" book will be out in September and can be pre-ordered at a special 25% discount on The reason it takes a little bit longer than planned is because we are co-creating the book. Integrating 400+ people in the process is time-consuming, but makes for a better book!

A number of those co-creators from our business model book writing Hub also took place in the Business Model Knowledge Fair last Friday. It was extraordinary to see them face to face. They came from many different places: US, Spain, Canada, Slovenia, Germany, and more (12 countries in total - on the Hub participants are from 40+ countries).

As to the event: The day was perfectly run by Patrick van der Pijl from Business Models Inc, who moderated the presentations and workshop sessions. The event took place at the “Hotel De Goudfazant” - an innovator's venue.

I kicked off the day with a presentation on... Business Models. Check out the slides:

After my Intro Patrick interviewed the entire core book team, including my co-author Yves Pigneur, designer Alan Smith and editor Tim Clark (Patrick is himself involved managing production and distribution). To give the audience a feel for the book project FISH-EYE media produced a short video trailer of the book writing. Enjoy it:

Then, after his short video intermezzo, four business model innovation practitioners presented their work. Bas van Oosterhout of Capgemini presented his work at DSM, Marielle Sijgers presented and Harry Verwayen of Kennisland presented his work at the National Archive. Really impressive what these people are achieving!

In the afternoon we continued with something that I find core to systematically approaching business model innovation: Visual Thinking. The visual strategists of JAM, who are substantially contributing to the book, ran a dare2draw session. They got all 60 participants to draw their business model. Look at the photo proof (or check out all the photos here):

After the drawing session Tim Clark and Alan Smith took over. Tim presented his exciting and relevant research on the relationship between cultural context and business models, particularly related to Japan. Alan gave us a great insight into design methods and design thinking. Absolutely crucial when it comes to business model innovation.

The end of the day was devoted to the business model Hub where we co-created the book. First, Martijn Pater of Fronteer Strategy - a co-creation specialist - outlined the guiding principles of co-creation. Then the participants jointly brainstormed on a couple of questions to continue this business model innovation community: What are the lessons learned? What business model questions remain unanswered. What do we really need to focus on as a community of practitioners. Let's hope this effort will go much beyond the book!

Here some final photos - The book team (Tim's missing - see him in the next photo)

Tim Clark (with the blue shirt) and others - drawing business models

Participants enjoying the day

Presentation of a visual business model

I'm presenting the "broken" b&w limited edition

If you are interested in buying one of the remaining "broken" & unfinished limited editions of Business Model Generation, of which only 200 examples will ever be printed, you can do that here. The book is printed in black & white, contains about 70% of the final content, of which 50% is fully designed. This limited edition was part of the package of the Business Model Knowledge Fair. What makes it a collector's item is that the print house got the printing wrong. The page order was misaligned, which completely messed up the design and made the book almost unreadable.

Buy the "broken" limited edition of Business Model Generation now for $250.- and you will get the final full color print in addition for free this September.

Caveat: This is a collector's item of which only 200 examples will be printed. The book is not finished, not fully designed and has a print error.