Uses Canvas to Visualize, Challenge and Communicate Business Model

I always love seeing young and interesting companies adopt the Business Model Canvas. So I was very happy when renowned Dutch music upstart SellaBand used the Canvas to visualize their Business Model. They're a typical example of the business model generation. They use the image below to explain their innovative model to investors and employees. The image is one of the many illustrations in the "Business Model Generation" book by the way.

Sellaband provides an alternative to the traditional music industry. It is a platform that empowers artists to record their next album, funded by their fans.

Read more about the SellaBand business model example and how it came to live in Patrick van der Pijl's blogpost. Patrick worked with strategy consultant Ouke Arts, strategy visualizers JAM, and Sellaband co-founder Johan Vosmeijer on the case.

If you're interested in the link between business models and visualization: JAM has done a lot of the visual thinking in "Business Model Generation"!