Interviews on Music Industry Business Models

I admit, I have been posting about the music industry too much recently. However, by studying it we can learn a lot about business model innovation in general (or a lack of it).

After my keynote at the Eurosonic Noorderslag music industry event I gave a short interview. Check it out and don't miss out on the interview with Niklas Ivarsson of Spotify (promise: my next blogpost will certainly not be about the music industry - I will explain how to use the Business Model Canvas to play a game).

Spotify is one of the hot start-ups in the music industry. I portrayed the company's business model in my keynote by sketching it out with the Canvas. Niklas Ivarsson, their global head of licensing, outlines the services of his company in the interview below. Interestingly, he also explains how many users prefer using Spotify rather than relying on piracy for music.