Developing Business Models on the iPad

Some of you know that we are working on an iPad app to help entrepreneurs and intra-preneurs develop innovative business models. We decided to do this as transparently as we have for the book. Please join us on our journey and give us your feedback!

In the slides below we outlined the specs for a minimal viable (app) product (MVP). It is the "heart" of the app we are developing and it will obviously evolve into something more sophisticated over time. But we want to test the MVP with (potential) buyers first...

We have a couple of questions to you:

  • What kind of future functionality would you like to see in the app?
  • What kind of usage scenarios could you imagine for the app and yourself?
  • What do you think of our price of $29.99 - including free updates for some of the early features beyond the MVP?

As you know we really love and value your feedback! Tell us what you think!

Look how one of the early, early software prototypes looks:


There are also some videos of our earlier thinking on the app:

scenario: adding an activity with a cost

scenario: for adding a revenue stream

scenario: for opening a financial report