Join our Business Model App Alpha Testing Team

During the last few weeks we worked on an iPad app that allows you to sketch out business models and simulate it's viability with ballpark figures. Though the app is still very basic I have no doubt it's going to become a game changer. Now you have the opportunity to be among the first to test and influence the app by joining our Alpha version testing team.

Last week we created a new company - The Business Model Foundry - to design, develop, and market a whole new range of software-supported tools that shall help you think through, prototype, test, implement, and manage new business models. The first tool we are working on is an app for the iPad, which will allow you to quickly sketch and simulate business models (as I outlined in my last blogpost). Since this is a totally new tool on a totally new device we decided to test it at a very early development stage already. This sits well with two concepts I recently became a fan of: The Minimal Viable Product by Eric Ries and Customer Development by Steve Blank (who runs one of my favorite blogs). Both stress the importance of testing (software) products and business models with customers at an early stage and developing them in an iterative fashion.

However, we thought it would be a bit boring to just give potential customers access to the early-stage software. Hence, we opted for a more innovative approach: For 150.- USD you can join the exclusive circle of the Alpha Testing Team, which will be involved in the development of the BMGEN iPad App. What will you get?

  • Exclusive access to Alpha test versions of the BMGEN iPad App (starting end of this week/early next week - June 11/14
  • Free lifetime upgrade to all subsequent versions
  • Mention of your participation in the software project
  • Ability to give feedback and influence the development of features and functions
  • If this sounds exciting, please consider joining. Our ambition is not only to create a simple iPad App, but to revolutionize the way innovative business models are conceived and managed. In fact, we are aiming to change the way entrepreneurs and managers work on new business model projects. If you have an iPad, get access to the Alpha test version.


    Please take note of the following important points before buying access:

    • You need an iPad to be able to install the Alpha test versions
    • The early Alpha versions will be extremely raw with limited functionality
    • We will slowly, but steadily build this app into a game changer
    • The first Alpha test App will be available at the end of this week/early next week (June 11/14, 2010)
    • Read the Alpha Testing License Agreement (pdf)
    • First basic App in the iTunes Store to appear somewhere in July/early August October for about 29.99 USD (without lifetime upgrade of course)

    And now come and join us in the club of game changers. This promises to be an exciting journey and even more influential than the Business Model Generation Book (which will be is available in retail outlets across the world US in July!!)... Get access to the very first iPad Business Model App Alpha version now.