Stanford Talk & the Bay Area

Last week I had the honor to speak at the DFJ Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Seminar at Stanford. During my stay I also had the opportunity to work and chat intensively with Steve Blank to advance with the alignment/integration of our methods.

I very much enjoyed my stay in the Bay Area and had a lot of fun sharing the stage and class room with Steve Blank five times at Stanford, Berkeley, and the exciting California College of the Arts CCA. Watch my Stanford talk:

I'd also like to remind the world what makes this place so special with a little video excerpt of an interview with Steve Blank by Om Malik of GigaOM:

During my stay I also ran one of our public enrollment workshops in San Francisco. It was excellent to have Rachel Smith and Laurie Durnell, two visual facilitators/recorders of The Grove at the workshop. They did an amazing job. Rachel sketched out a visual memory of my intro on he iPad. Have a look at the result below:
Intro to Business Model Thinking by @business_design Alex Osterwalder
More ideas came out of my two weeks in the Bay Area, which will certainly fill some more blogposts. Stay tuned!