Value Proposition Design - Our Next Book Launching This Fall

This blog was idle for a year. I was busy building Now I'm back to content production, working on our next book with the working title Value Proposition Design #vpcbook. It will be about making remarkable stuff that sells with business models that work. The book should be released next fall. Sign up for the launch notification in the sidebar.

We started the book in August 2012. A long time ago. Unfortunately, the project always feel victim to other priorities. Now we're back at it, putting it all together. The book team is composed of Yves Pigneur (co-author), Greg Bernarda (co-author), Alan Smith (co-author and art direction), Trish Papadakos (design), and myself.

The heart of the book is the Value Proposition Canvas (pdf), a plug-in tool to the Business Model Canvas. The VP Canvas allows you to visualize Value Propositions in more detail just like the BM Canvas allows you to visualize Business Models. Here's an intro to the method, which I wrote in the past. Both Canvases perfectly integrate and work hand in hand. After all, even the best Value Propositions can only succeed with the right business model.

For the new book I'd love to hear from you, so we can turn it into a better value proposition. Here are my questions to you:

  1. What do you "hire" business books and methods for? What do they help you get done? Is it to advance in your career? To do a better job? For entertainment?
  2. What are your biggest pains when it comes to management methods and books? What obstacles are holding you back from applying methods and books?
  3. What gains/benefits/positive outcomes do you expect, desire, hope to realize when you learn a new method or read a business book?

I already sketched out a customer profile (jobs/pains/gains) of a general business book reader below. Does that profile resonate with you?

Customer Profile of Business Book Reader

To advance on the book and churn out content I fled to the Swiss Alps. Below a little impression of where I work and get inspiration. It was a bit cold, though...

My #tempoffice at 3'000m above sea level

Stay tuned for more raw and undesigned content chunks from our upcoming book. Don't forget to sign up for the release date!