Ad-hoc Business Model Stage Fight (LIFT'08 Geneva)

Arvetica is organizing an Ad-hoc Business Model Stage Fight at LIFT'08 in Geneva, Switzerland. Just like last year we thought we would contribute to the workshop program of the conference...

In this half day workshop participants will learn about a method to rapidly prototype business models. Then they will form ad-hoc teams that compete against each other. Each team will come up with an innovative business model based on a given scenario. The attendees will jointly vote the winner by evaluating creativity, realism and story.

Images and take-aways will be available on this blog soon. I'm curious to see how participants will perform with "rapid business model prototyping" (RaBMoPro ;-)

For the attendees: Here the plan to get from Unimail (venue of other LIFT'08 workshops) to Arvetica, where the workshop "Ad-hoc Business Model Stage Fight" is taking place...

Directions to Arvetica (stage fight) from Unimail (other LIFT'08 workshops):

  • walk out of the main entrance of the Unimail building
  • turn right
  • walk straight (along the tram line)
  • cross the bridge
  • continue approx. 600m (street = route des Acacias)
  • Arvetica is just across the street from the Shell station
  • Address: route des Acacias 24
  • go inside the building and take the elevator to the 6th floor

Second Life for Businesses - arvetica workshops

I've been silent for a while because I explored Second Life....For those who don't know what it is: it's a parallel virtual world that you can dive into in the form of an avatar (see wikipedia definition). Today, for example, I was at the virtual World Economic Forum WEF to listen to EasyJet founder.

Various businesses have established a presence there, such as IBM, Adidas, Reuters, Toyota (see video below for the Scion that was launched in Second Life) etc.

Because it's quite a hot phenomena we are organizing a short free presentation at arvetica on March 1, 2007 to discuss what companies may get out of Second Life. Register if you're in Geneva. We are also hosting a workshop at the LIFT conference on February 7 in the afternoon. However, most important: I will later announce a 2-day immersion workshop at arvetica where business people and marketers can really look into the potential of Second Life. Contact me if you want more info or pre-reserve for the limited seats...

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