Draft Business Model Innovation Manual (beta version)

Yesterday I finished a draft for a simple business model innovation manual co-financed by La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia and DOTARS. In the spirit of open innovation I am sharing this "beta version" online to trigger your feedback.

Draft Business Model Manual (beta version): How to Describe and Improve your Business Model to Compete Better (pdf)

The manual shall help business people describe their business model step by step, assess its strengths and weaknesses in order to then improve it. I'm not yet happy with the document, but it's start. The final document will be posted here later.

Acknowledgments: A special thanks goes to Dr Vijaya Thyil and Professor Geoffrey Durden of La Trobe University, who enabled this manual. A particular thank you goes to Professor Yves Pigneur of HEC Business School in Switzerland who has been the driving force with whom I have developed the underlying business model concept.

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Workshop on Business Models in Australia

I was invited to Australia by La Trobe University to give a talk to business people in Melbourne on the topic of business models. The talk took place within the context of a research program I am involved in.

Below you can find the slides of the 40 minutes talk. I included some new and interesting examples, which I prepared explicitly for this presentation. To get a good viewing of the animated slides you must download the slides first rather than just view them (download here from Slideshare.net)

I'm in Melbourne until the 2nd if somebody wants to meet me there. Despite a full agenda, I'm sure I can get a free slot for a chat.

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