Business Model Innovation Book - buy early access to raw content now!

In MaySeptember 2009 Yves Pigneur and I will bring a new management book to the market, which will be a beautiful manual for entrepreneurs and executives about business model innovation.

The interest we are getting for the book is staggering, because our business model innovation methods are already in use in companies such as 3M, IBM, Deloitte, Telenor, Logica and more. Our aim is to write a book that is visual & simple, applicable, relevant and full of exciting examples.

If you are interested in the topic you now have the exclusive possibility to get early access to the book content and a community of business model innovators. It is a unique opportunity to participate in the makings of a management book that has the potential to become a global bestseller. Working title: "Crafting Innovative Business Models" "Business Model Generation".

We will float and discuss the book content as it emerges on www.businessmodelhub.comThe content is already done, but you can get your name into the book until August 14th. Access will only cost you $US 24.- $US 36.- $US 54.- $US 81.- $US 121.50 $US 243.- (the price increased because we exceeded 100 200 300 400 450+ subscribers and are now near publishing)


By joining you will have the following privileges:

  • first & exclusive access to raw book content as we write it on
  • FREE digital version of the full book when it is published
  • opportunity to influence authors and join content discussionsthe book is done by now
  • personal mention of your participation (names of participants' in print version in order of sign-up... so you better hurry this is your last chance ;-)
  • about 8 19 installments of book chunks (in a non-linear order as they emerge)
  • 50% discount off the FREE final book
  • access to templates and exclusive PowerPoint slideshows
  • being part of the business model innovation community

When you buy access for $US 243.- we will invite you to the book chunk platform within 48 hours. There you will be able to access everything that is going on. The first "book chunk" is due mid-December and is currently in the making. Already now there is a discussion on the book platform about examples, book format etc. 13 All book chunks are online now. This is the last opportunity to participate and get your name into the final print version book of this amazing breakthrough project.

Don't miss out on being part of a potential management book bestseller. You will even be able to prove it because your name will be mentioned in the print version!

On Monday January 19. 2009 at 17:00 (CET, Zurich/Geneva) we will hold a free webinar to explain how the book chunk project works.

Book Chunk Project - prototype

Yves Pigneur's and my book on the topic of "Crafting Innovative Business Models" (working title) is only due in May 2009 (approx.). That is way too long to wait. Many people asked us for early access. Hence, I thought it could be a good idea to distribute the book content in separate chunks before.

The slides below outline the draft of this idea of giving interested people early access to our writing for 24.- $US (or maybe a little more). By subscribing to this so-called "book chunk project" you will get several things (suggest more...):

  • first & exclusive access to raw book content
  • influence authors
  • x installments of book chunks (in a non-linear order - as we write them)
  • 50% discount off the final book (approx.)
  • participate in exclusive book chunk webinars
  • access to templates
  • being part of the business model innovation community

I would be interested in your comments on this and if you would be willing to buy such an early and exclusive access. Do you think the pricing is too low? Any suggestion is welcome. In the meantime have a look at the slides that outline this idea that I would launch very soon if I feel an interest from your side:

Book Chunk Project - prototype
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WANTED: Business Model Innovators

I would like to conduct a series of short video/phone-interviews with high profile business model innovators for the book project I'm working on. Then I could share them with you through the web...

Please send me some ideas of who I could/should interview. Even better, tell me how I can get in contact with that person (e.g. through your network). I'm looking for business model innovators (not mere innovators ;-) in any possible industry, such as pharma, banking, clothing, ... The requirement is that the person is in top management and his company has a certain size (and visibility)


  • Niklas Zennström (or Janus Friis), KaZaA:Skype:Joost
  • Michael Dell, Dell
  • Stelios Haji-Ioannou, easyJet
  • ...

I would also be interested in getting your ideas on innovative business model examples in general. Particularly those with a turn-over of over 100 mio USD.

Can you help me out?

Business Model Innovation Book (book structure prototype)

The reflections on our book on business model innovation are advancing daily. Yves Pigneur, my co-author, and I have come up with a first rough prototype book structure. We will refine our thinking this Friday and we are, of course, curious to hear your feedback.

You can check out the structure in the slidecast below. It gives you an idea where we are heading, though this first draft structure only sketches out the rough outlines.

To listen to and visualize the slidecast, please hit the play button. All the rest is automatic.

I'm looking forward to your first feedbacks...