Google Book Search - first issue of my new business model innovation example series

During my d"aily lecture of the Financial Times I usually put on my "business model glasses" when it comes to the business section. Every week there are some very exciting examples of business model innovation. I decided to not only share these examples in my workshops, but also on my blog - hence the new "business model innovation example series"...

Enjoy the first issue on a deal that Google struck last week:

Skype's business model and its disruptive potential for the telecom sector

Skype is a company offering free Voice over IP (VoIP) on the Internet and they are enjoying a phenominal success. Since I've intervied them in March this year they grew their number of employees from about 100 to 170. Now that is what I call lightspeed growth.

However, what is of particular interest is how their business model design is different from the one of a traditional telco. With a group of collaborators from the University of Lausanne we tried to identify Skype's disruptive potential by analyzing its business model and comparing it to a traditional telco. I uploaded that study and the detailed PowerPoint presentation I recently made in Bangkok to my consulting website.

Read the paper on Skype's disruptive business model design.
Look at the detailed PowerPoint presentation about the business model comparison.