Interviews on Music Industry Business Models

I admit, I have been posting about the music industry too much recently. However, by studying it we can learn a lot about business model innovation in general (or a lack of it).

After my keynote at the Eurosonic Noorderslag music industry event I gave a short interview. Check it out and don't miss out on the interview with Niklas Ivarsson of Spotify (promise: my next blogpost will certainly not be about the music industry - I will explain how to use the Business Model Canvas to play a game).

Spotify is one of the hot start-ups in the music industry. I portrayed the company's business model in my keynote by sketching it out with the Canvas. Niklas Ivarsson, their global head of licensing, outlines the services of his company in the interview below. Interestingly, he also explains how many users prefer using Spotify rather than relying on piracy for music.

WANTED: Business Model Innovators

I would like to conduct a series of short video/phone-interviews with high profile business model innovators for the book project I'm working on. Then I could share them with you through the web...

Please send me some ideas of who I could/should interview. Even better, tell me how I can get in contact with that person (e.g. through your network). I'm looking for business model innovators (not mere innovators ;-) in any possible industry, such as pharma, banking, clothing, ... The requirement is that the person is in top management and his company has a certain size (and visibility)


  • Niklas Zennström (or Janus Friis), KaZaA:Skype:Joost
  • Michael Dell, Dell
  • Stelios Haji-Ioannou, easyJet
  • ...

I would also be interested in getting your ideas on innovative business model examples in general. Particularly those with a turn-over of over 100 mio USD.

Can you help me out?

XPLANE founder and CEO Dave Gray

At the LIFT'07 conference I had the great pleasure to talk to XPLANE founder and CEO Dave Gray. He has built a wonderful company over the years and he follows the same mantra as we do at Arvetica: visual language can help communicate complex issues such as, for example, business strategy or change management.

I very much admire Dave for being able to write a blog, educate interested people on visualization (here, here and here) and still stay an artist... I very much look forward to doing some joint work with Dave and his company.

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