"The Wall is the Desk of the Future"

Last Friday I ran a workshop on business model innovation with the management of one of the 5 regions of a top Swiss bank. In the break-out session the bankers split into groups and were supposed to work on huge posters to sketch-out the business model of an innovative bank. That is when I realized how uncommon it still is for executives to think visually and use the wall/poster as a visual thinking aid.

They had lively discussions around their table, but it needed some stimulation from my side to get them to use the posters. I insisted on this because I think visualization of business issues is increasingly a requirement to tackle the complex problems of our time.

Understanding not only the issues, but also the links between issues is a must in today's complex world. Yet, this is very difficult to achieve without a visual aid. That is where the wall is very helpful and gives all participants of a meeting a common reference point... When Dave Gray, CEO of XPLANE, was visiting us in Geneva he said one thing that I don't stop quoting:

"the wall is the desk of the future"

Have a glance at some images I put together in a Power Point presentation illustrating the above quote:

4 Questions for Roger Martin

Today I came across this quite interesting video interview with Roger Martin (hat tip to Ralf Beuker), dean of the Rotman School of Management. What you must know (if you don't already) is that the Rotman School is very design oriented and aims at bringing design to business.

Enjoy the video where Roger talks about the design & business overlap:

I very much apply what Roger says in my consulting work and I also taught it in my last workshops in Mexico.

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