The Silly Business Model Innovation Cow Exercise

A couple of posts back I wrote about a simple, fun, but silly exercise to think out of the box when it comes to business model innovation: the silly cow exercise. I asked people to submit their own sketches of business models using a cow..

The echo was very weak (no creativity out there, or fear of sketching?). Hence, in addition to the set of sketches I got from Fr├ęderic Sidler, I photographed some of the sketches coming out of a workshop I did last week in Belfast. The silly cow exercise is a always a success, probably because it looks at business model innovation from a very light angle. It even works with very senior and serious business people. My favorite business model came from a participant in Belfast. However, she didn't have the courage to present her sketch during the workshop: "The Condom Tester"...

Here some of the sketches. You can find the full set on Flickr. I will certainly add more over time...

Nicolas Nova: Lessons on Innovation from the Video Game Industry

Check out this webcast/interview I've done for arvetica (the company I work for) on how (traditional) companies can learn about innovation from the computer & video game industry.

Nicolas highlights three major practices/processes which are common in the game industry and lead to innovation:

  • user centered design approach
  • expand beyond traditional (industry) boundaries
  • user generated content

Check out the webcast/video on arvetica's blog!

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