Good PowerPoint Design - a strategic business tool

Have you ever "sold" a business project to your management or a venture to a financier? Did you ever happen to use PowerPoint or a similar presentation tool? Probably yes. Well, how much time did you invest in your slide deck? Were your slides beautiful?

Those are questions I now always ask my audiences in my keynotes and workshops on the topic of business model innovation. And most often people do not take PowerPoint seriously. However, they should. PowerPoint is a powerful weapon if used correctly! If used wrongly (as is the case for 90% of presentations) it is rather suicidal.

I attribute a substantial part of my success in my keynote speeches and workshops to my PowerPoint presentations. In fact, the design of my slide decks eat up a big part of my preparation time.

Here my learning as to "Good PPT-Design", which I recently presented at a business incubator in Switzerland

Slideshare Contest: Why Business Models Matter

I finally succeeded to submit a powerpoint presentation to the "world's best presentation contest" on, after some initial problems with the submission options (they simply disappeared before the end of the deadline...).

Please have a look at my slides below on "why business model innovation maters". If you like them please click on the link and go vote. Thanks! As a Swiss I believe in your democratic opinion - but vote "thumbs up" anyways ;-)

Second Life for Businesses - brainstorming session at Arvetica

Yesterday I facilitated a brainstorming session on the topic "Second Life for Businesses - fad or business asset?". The event was part of the LIFT'07 conference, but was organized and hosted at Arvetica. To reflect on "fad" or "business asset" we split the 20 participants into three groups in order to write the storyboard for two scenarios:

Scenario A - Dec, 2008: In an interview with the Financial Times (FT) Sam Palmisano (CEO, IBM) explains to the newspaper why they fell for the Second Life fad and lost 85 mio USD of investment in the processā€¦


Scenario B - Dec, 2008: The Financial Times (FT) publishes an article stating that Second Life is business as usual and that 85% of all Fortune Global 500 companies have established a major Second Life presenceā€¦

At the end all participants voted if Second Life (or virtual worlds in general) was a fad or a potentially important business asset. Have a look at the slides to find out about the results.

The event was quite fun and the 20 participants seemed to enjoy the thinking. You can download the full set of slides here (12mb because of full-sized workshop photos)

ATTENTION: At Arvetica (the consulting boutique I work for) we will soon organize and host a 2 day workshop on "Second Life Immersion for Executives and Marketing Professionals". This event will help business people "live" and understand Second Life and get a feel for the potential business models. Send us an email if you want to be informed about this workshop.

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