Apple iPod - Business Model Example Series: Issue 2

This week I was in Madrid to work together with XPLANE, the leading company when it comes to visual thinking in strategy & business. XPLANE will help me with the visuals for some examples and processes in my upcoming book on business model innovation.

Together with Pablo Ramirez of XPLANE we worked on several things, including the business model of the Apple iPod. Here is a first sketch - open for your input & feedback...

Don't hesitate with comments & feedback. This is most certainly one of the examples we will use in the book. At every workshop & event I do, the Apple iPod comes up because of its influence on the music industry.

Workshop on Business Models in Australia

I was invited to Australia by La Trobe University to give a talk to business people in Melbourne on the topic of business models. The talk took place within the context of a research program I am involved in.

Below you can find the slides of the 40 minutes talk. I included some new and interesting examples, which I prepared explicitly for this presentation. To get a good viewing of the animated slides you must download the slides first rather than just view them (download here from

I'm in Melbourne until the 2nd if somebody wants to meet me there. Despite a full agenda, I'm sure I can get a free slot for a chat.

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