Video Trailer ULURU Workshop on Business Model Innovation

In April I ran a workshop at the ULURU innovation theater, which was fully booked out with over 20 participants. The team at ULURU made a great trailer of the event which you can enjoy here:

I would also like to use this opportunity to make a pre-announcement of a book project that ULURU and I are planning on the topic of business model innovation. The interesting part: We won't just write a book (there are already so many), but we will design an innovative business model around the book. I think it is the best way to make a case for a book on business model innovation.

In a first phase we are looking for 4 corporate sponsors that are willing to finance the launch of the book. They will get access to a global public of managers and entrepreneurs interested in business model innovation. They will be associated with probably the most innovative management book project to date (including global viral marketing through web videos). Finally, they will get a special workshop on business model innovation designed for them and/or for their clients. All that in return for a modest sponsorship fee that is well below a 1-day/1-page ad in the Financial Times...

More on the book project to come soon... By the way, this blog (once redesigned) will certainly play a major role during the writing phase of the book.

Don't hesitate to post comments if you have ideas or recommendations for the book on business model innovation.