Business Model Innovation Workshop in Amsterdam at ULURU Innovation Theatre

I'll be giving a full day workshop on business model innovation at the ULURU innovation theatre in Amsterdam, Netherlands, on 3. April 2008.

The invitation (image left) shows that ULURU is a company that does things differently. They have a strong network among Dutch multinationals (including Heineken, TomTom, ING , KPN and many others).

Workshop Take Away: After this workshop you will know and understand innovative business models from various industries and be able to apply the business modelling methodology to your own company. You will also be able to use a pragmatic framework to innovate within your own business model.

Content: Help (senior) management foster business model innovation at large; Give (senior) managers a broad overview of innovatieve (disruptive) business models in various industries; We will show examples from various industries (including in wealth management, private banking, telecom (Skype)); The participants will learn how to apply a simple and pragmatic approach to achieve and implement business model innovation.

If you're interested in participating click on the invitation image and contact them directly. Of the 25 available seats, only 10 are left after 4 days of workshop announcement. I'm sure it will be a great experience.

See you in Amsterdam!