WANTED: Business Model Innovators

I would like to conduct a series of short video/phone-interviews with high profile business model innovators for the book project I'm working on. Then I could share them with you through the web...

Please send me some ideas of who I could/should interview. Even better, tell me how I can get in contact with that person (e.g. through your network). I'm looking for business model innovators (not mere innovators ;-) in any possible industry, such as pharma, banking, clothing, ... The requirement is that the person is in top management and his company has a certain size (and visibility)


  • Niklas Zennström (or Janus Friis), KaZaA:Skype:Joost
  • Michael Dell, Dell
  • Stelios Haji-Ioannou, easyJet
  • ...

I would also be interested in getting your ideas on innovative business model examples in general. Particularly those with a turn-over of over 100 mio USD.

Can you help me out?

XPLANE founder and CEO Dave Gray

At the LIFT'07 conference I had the great pleasure to talk to XPLANE founder and CEO Dave Gray. He has built a wonderful company over the years and he follows the same mantra as we do at Arvetica: visual language can help communicate complex issues such as, for example, business strategy or change management.

I very much admire Dave for being able to write a blog, educate interested people on visualization (here, here and here) and still stay an artist... I very much look forward to doing some joint work with Dave and his company.

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